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  • 5 Tips for Improving Self-Belief and Mental Strength

    5 Tips for Improving Self-Belief and Mental Strength

    In recent years, many people’s mental health has taken a toll due to the pandemic and the isolating conditions that came with it. Although we are past the pandemic, it has been hard for people to maintain their mental strength. The World Health Organisation released an article in March 2022 which discussed how the pandemic increased anxiety and depression by 25% worldwide, with one of the main reasons being a lack of services available for people in need. Find out what well-being tips we recommend for improving self-belief and mental strength below. Exercise Exercise is a great way to improve self-belief

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  • What is a HIIT Workout, and What are the Benefits of HIIT?

    What is a HIIT Workout, and What are the Benefits of HIIT?

    What is a HIIT Workout? High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of exercise that involves training at a high intensity for a short period before resting and repeating. For example, sprinting on a spin bike for 30 seconds, resting for 30 seconds and repeating over 10 minutes is a great way to practice HIIT.  At Safari Health Hub, we want to help everyone on their fitness journey and helping people understand the different types of exercise is one way we can help. HIIT workouts have become increasingly popular in recent years as there are numerous benefits of HIIT,  which

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  • Starting a New Hobby as an Adult

    Starting a New Hobby as an Adult

    Starting a new hobby as an adult can be a refreshing and exciting experience. It provides an opportunity to explore new interests, challenge yourself and learn new skills. As we grow older, our responsibilities and daily routines can become monotonous, but engaging in a new hobby can help break the cycle and add some much-needed variety to our lives. Whether it’s a physical activity or a creative pursuit, investing in ourselves and our own personal growth can positively impact our mental and physical well-being. In this blog, we’ll explore some tips and advice on starting a new hobby as an

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  • Career Opportunity – Assistant Gym Manager

    Assistant Health Hub & Gym / Sales Manager – Milton Keynes  £25,000 – £29,000 If You Have Enthusiasm, A Positive Can Do Attitude Then This Position Is Just For You! As a fast growing non-for profit organisation, we want someone not to come in as just an employee but to come in and really take an ownership mentality and push the organisation forward so we can all personally achieve great things together! Here’s just some of what a Safari Health Hub Assistant Manager role offers – Fully employed position, Pension and 28 days holidays (incl. bank holidays) Guaranteed basic salary of £25k

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  • Gym for Beginners: First How to Choose the Right Gym For You

    Going to the gym is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle, equally supporting your mental and physical well-being. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast training multiple times a week or just looking to stay active when it fits into your schedule, knowing how to choose a gym that suits your needs, goals, and lifestyle can make all the difference in your fitness and well-being journey.  Here are some tips to help you find the perfect gym for you. Choosing a Gym – Our Top Tips for Making the Right Choice 1. Decide what type of gym you’re looking for

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  • Starting Your Kickboxing Journey: 5 Key Benefits of Kickboxing

    Kickboxing is perfect for you whether you want to boost your confidence, reduce stress or meet new people. Here at Safari Health Hub, we offer both women and men-only kickboxing classes for people of all levels providing the opportunity to learn and develop their self-defence skills and grow their confidence with other, like-minded people.  Kickboxing was the brainchild of Osamu Noguchi, who wanted to combine the soul of karate with full striking ability. By the 1920s, Muay Thai was well known and was brought to the attention of Osamu, who merged Muay Thai with the entire contact techniques of karate

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  • Easter Holidays Ninja Club 2023 is back!

    Easter Holidays Ninja Club 2023 is back!

    Looking for Easter break activities in Milton Keynes for your children? We will be offering a super exciting Ninja Club this Easter break in Milton Keynes for children aged 4-9, as well as we have specialist SEN spaces available with support from expert teachers. This program is free to children on benefited free school meals, however this time we are also opening up just 10 paid places for all of the families who were asking if they could pay as their children loved it in the summer. Sessions available:– Free for children on benefitted school meals– Free for children who

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  • Brand New Women’s Only & Men’s Only Gym in Milton Keynes

    Brand New Women’s Only & Men’s Only Gym in Milton Keynes

    Milton Keynes finally has it’s first women’s only and men’s only gym facility, with classes available for the whole family. If the thought of joining a commercial gym daunts you, and you’re looking for something more private and welcoming, then Safari Health Hub is for you. WANT TO SEE INSIDE? CLICK HERE! We will open on Monday 20th February and will be welcoming just 20 new members to start with. We also have classes for the whole family, with parent assisted classes start from 18 months, through to any age. VIEW TIME TABLE For the first 10 people which we

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  • Use our Calm Space for for FREE!

    Use our Calm Space for for FREE!

    Now we have moved to our new Health Hub in Bletchley, Milton Keynes and we want to do all we can to support out local community, so welcome you to register your interest to use our Calm Space Room for free for any projects you’d like to run. Who can use it? Whether this is a just a regular social meet up with friends, a book club, or structured organised course, networking, workshops, or just an alternative work space for small business owners, we are here to support you for free. Simply register your interest here, providing as much information as possible.  If

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  • Women’s beginners 4 weeks Muay Thai Milton Keynes

    Women’s beginners 4 weeks Muay Thai Milton Keynes

    We had an overwhelming response for our brand new Bletchley location, so we’ve opened up 11 new spaces for women in Milton Keynes.If you’ve been wanting to try Muay Thai but felt a bit overwhelmed at being the newbie, then this course is for you, as you’ll all be there for the first time! We are so excited to announce that we have 4 new women’s only beginners courses running in the coming weeks.  Course Type: Women’s Beginners Muay ThaiStart Day: Thursday 24th NovemberTime: 8-9pmDuration: 4 weeksPrice: £29Children welcome? No – women’s onlyBooking Link  4 week Muay Thai – Thurs

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