• All People Active and Safari Health & Milton Keynes (HAF Program)

    All People Active and Safari Health & Milton Keynes (HAF Program)

    We have succeeded through this program to feed and engage 3977 children and youth through sports regardless of background and culture, with a special focus on those from cultures and backgrounds, such as BAME communities and lower socio economic. We understand what barriers are faced by different communities and work hard to integrate them with others, to be equal, all with one goal, gaining better self-belief through the platform of sport. We re-shape what having a good health experience whilst integrating should feel like by placing great focus on Mental and Physical health combined and understand the children/ youth challenges mentally and

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  • Safari Health Hub & MSF Muslim Women Course (Tackling Inequalities)

    Safari Health Hub & MSF Muslim Women Course (Tackling Inequalities)

    In collaboration with the MSF, we created this 12-week kickboxing for beginner’s program to tackle inequality and create opportunities that fits the needs of women in segregated and less engaged communities, offer them sports session running in complete private space that doesn’t force them to compromise their values whether that Is coming from a faith point of view or cultural beliefs. The focus of this program is not to engage just women of religious beliefs but women from all communities that don’t feel fit or confident enough to join a sport’s class, women that can’t find sports sessions that fits

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  • MK Community Foundation

    MK Community Foundation

    This funding has enabled us to reach out to women in Milton Keynes area to encourage them to join an affordable fitness class that is toned to their beginner’s level. The Grant helped us to solely organise this course for a women-only group specifically to cater to the needs of women from both Lower Socio-economic Groups and Ethnically Diverse/ BAME communities. By combining these groups of women not only will it help with diversity, but it will also help with the unity of women and integration where they learn about one another. For this program we aimed to engage this

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  • Safari MMA & MSF Muslim Women Course

    Safari MMA & MSF Muslim Women Course

    By working with MSF organisation, our specific focus was not only engaging women of religious belief and other women from BAME Community but, to bring inclusion and integration, providing the steps needed for equity and equality. We are aware of the lack of awareness about the topic, many girls would be left facing cultural barriers and prohibited to participate in physical activities. Our role is to make the Muslim And BAME Community females feel included and accepted and encourage them to embrace their identity. The Grant helped us to solely Organize a course for women only group specifically to cater

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  • Safari MMA & Youth Concerns

    Safari MMA & Youth Concerns

    We have had a great opportunity to work with Youth Concern in Aylesbury. Youth Concern said: “Pre-COVID-19, 40-50 young people a day visited Youth Concern’s drop-in centre on Whitehill Lane, Aylesbury to play pool or table tennis, record music, collect a food parcel, seek advice, or chat to youth workers and counsellors. While the drop-in centre remained open during COVID-19, young people need to pre-book 1:1 appointment with youth workers and counsellors, meeting in person or remotely. This significant change to the way young people accesses our services has caused the charity to think about building a ‘pipeline’; finding new

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  • Stay Active Children & Youth

    Stay Active Children & Youth

    This program’s aim was to motivate and engage the children and youth through second lockdown. As the schools was at the time and many children and youth kept being send home due to all the regulations of isolation around COVID, the struggle with this age group has been more than usual they have had limited options of what they can do inside and outside the school. Also, not many work opportunities to build their portfolio and feel they are achieving and putting in practice what they are learning at school. This did put a tremendous pressure on their relationships with

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  • Safari MMA Engage Inactive Youth

    Safari MMA Engage Inactive Youth

    The main goal of this project was to engage 12–18 year old Youth who are inactive The aim was to give everyone the opportunity to develop a passion and gain self-belief, which would be a positive reflection in all that they do, and to feel that they are supported by a positive group of likeminded individuals. The course was delivered around the time of first lockdown this was the best free virtual opportunity for many youths to stay focused and feel connected. This program has helped this category to build new routine and learn vital self-defence techniques which allowed to

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  • Mental Health Prevention for Women

    Mental Health Prevention for Women

    We created this course to help bring a routine to people’s lives This course was a great way to empower women and girls and teach them the importance of exercising and staying active for mental health, we have achieved this and managed to offer spaces to 50% of females that wished to continue. Due to COVID-19 there’s been a major change of behaviour and routines, which has inevitably had a knock-on effect of people’s mental well-being. This can bring a string of dangerous behaviour’s including mental health, isolation, lack of money and lack of external support. The course aims to

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