All People Active and Safari Health & Milton Keynes (HAF Program)

All People Active and Safari Health & Milton Keynes (HAF Program)

We have succeeded through this program to feed and engage 3977 children and youth through
sports regardless of background and culture, with a special focus on those from cultures and
backgrounds, such as BAME communities and lower socio economic. We understand what barriers
are faced by different communities and work hard to integrate them with others, to be equal, all
with one goal, gaining better self-belief through the platform of sport.

We re-shape what having a good health experience whilst integrating should feel like by placing great focus on Mental and Physical health combined and understand the children/ youth challenges mentally and physically.

By having access to this funding Milton Keynes has given us a great opportunity to put our practice in place to make the children in the community feel safe and included during the holiday time. We delivered a program that enabled children in need to stay active, fit and fed during the holiday.

In collaboration with All People Active we have managed to:

  1. Offer morning and afternoon sessions 4 hours each for 4 days a week in a period of 4 weeks
    during August Month.
  2. Offer them a trending sport, kickboxing, which is a great sport to gain confidence and learn
    vital self-defence skills. We are also able to offer sports such Street dance, Yoga, Pilates,
    gymnastics, archery activities and Vital self-defence skills.
  3. Use experienced staff, teacher, Teaching Assistant as well as special needs TA to help the
    teacher to assist with the special needs Children. Use instructors that know very well the
    need of these children as well as how to encourage and engage them.

We offered a variety of activities such as

  1. Colouring/Reading/Hola Hoop/Skipping etc, Bracelet making
  2. Ninja Martial Arts
  3. Construction/Drawing
  4. Circle Time/Group Games/Stories etc
  5. Starshine Yoga
  6. Ninja Assault
  7. Cooking session with Smart Raspberries Cooking

We asked the following questions and feedback from parents was as follows:

How did the Summer Camp make your child feel? did they enjoy the activities and the meals?

  1. They enjoyed the activities and loved all the meals….
    2. They enjoyed the activities and loved the meals
    3. Fantastic
    1. Honestly financially it helped me a lot not having to find places to go and spare money to do so also working from home with two babies it gave the older children something to look forward to and routine.

What was your child’s favourite thing about the Summer Camp and why?

1. They liked Ninja and Yoga
2. Yoga and arts
3. Everything
4. The variety of activities


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