Mental Health Prevention for Women

Mental Health Prevention for Women

We created this course to help bring a routine to people’s lives

This course was a great way to empower women and girls and teach them the importance of exercising and staying active for mental health, we have achieved this and managed to offer spaces to 50% of females that wished to continue.

Due to COVID-19 there’s been a major change of behaviour and routines, which has inevitably had a knock-on effect of people’s mental well-being. This can bring a string of dangerous behaviour’s including mental health, isolation, lack of money and lack of external support.

The course aims to help bring a routine to people’s lives, focussing on offering a support network to women and providing a means by which to develop a passion and gain self-belief, which would be a positive reflection in all that they do, and to feel that they are supported in a positive environment.


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