MK Community Foundation

MK Community Foundation

This funding has enabled us to reach out to women in Milton Keynes area to encourage them to join an affordable fitness class that is toned to their beginner’s level.

The Grant helped us to solely organise this course for a women-only group specifically to cater to the needs of women from both Lower Socio-economic Groups and Ethnically Diverse/ BAME communities. By combining these groups of women not only will it help with diversity, but it will also help with the unity of women and integration where they learn about one another.

For this program we aimed to engage this group of women by offering 2 groups 12 weeks training once a week; each group has 12 members, a total of 24 sessions and 24 members training.

We have offered a Starter equipment: this included hand wraps, ankle supports, beginner’s gloves. In addition, we have included a continuity plan in the program, this lasted for 2 months after the free course, and they received 50% discount off pads and membership. Grading took place at 10 weeks into the course, they had the opportunity to grade for white belt. With completion of this grading, they received a license, a certificate, and the belt, handed to them as their achievement.

These women have all continued and done the second grading too after the program. Most of them have done red belt now as their second achievement.

We have asked the members few questions part of a feedback form and some answers was as follows:

How did the classes make you feel, and did they help you achieve your personal goal?

  1. The class made me feel very happy. Not only do I feel more confident, but it has provided a social fun environment I wasn’t expecting but very grateful for.

What was your favourite thing about the classes with Rachael and why?

  1. My favourite thing would be friendly and fun atmosphere of the class. Fitness is never easy for me but when Rachael and the girls make it so much fun it is very enjoyable.


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