Safari Health Hub & MSF Muslim Women Course (Tackling Inequalities)

Safari Health Hub & MSF Muslim Women Course (Tackling Inequalities)

In collaboration with the MSF, we created this 12-week kickboxing for beginner’s program to tackle inequality and create opportunities that fits the needs of women in segregated and less engaged communities, offer them sports session running in complete private space that doesn’t force them to compromise their values whether that Is coming from a faith point of view or cultural beliefs.

The focus of this program is not to engage just women of religious beliefs but women from all communities that don’t feel fit or confident enough to join a sport’s class, women that can’t find sports sessions that fits their needs and make them feel part of the society.

As an organisation we pay great attention to the fact that many disengaged Individuals will be mentally affected by the barriers they face or lack of opportunities that respect their preferences and this grant was the perfect way to create that opportunity and allow these women to experience it.

The programs aimed to open to 150 free spaces over 4 location, 5 classes across London and Milton Keynes for women to come and train and engage by a sports organisation that understand very well the barriers they face. In addition to the free spaces, we have put in place a continuity plan to enable these women to Continue training. This plan included offering half prices membership for 2 months as well as 50%discount on Equipment they purchase during this program.


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