Safari MMA & MSF Muslim Women Course

Safari MMA & MSF Muslim Women Course

By working with MSF organisation, our specific focus was not only engaging women of religious belief and other women from BAME Community but, to bring inclusion and integration, providing the steps needed for equity and equality.

We are aware of the lack of awareness about the topic, many girls would be left facing cultural barriers and prohibited to participate in physical activities. Our role is to make the Muslim And BAME Community females feel included and accepted and encourage them to embrace their identity.

The Grant helped us to solely Organize a course for women only group specifically to cater to the needs of Muslim women from BAME and lower socio-economic group, at difficult time like this this. It enabled them to join and not feel as if they have to compromise their faith to join an activity or spend a fortune to be able to train.

We Created a 10 weeks long Martial Arts; kickboxing and vital Defense skills to help them gain confidence, self-belief and physical strength and feel included. We have also included Yoga classes in this program and we had great feedback regarding that.


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