Safari MMA & Youth Concerns

Safari MMA & Youth Concerns

We have had a great opportunity to work with Youth Concern in Aylesbury.

Youth Concern said: “Pre-COVID-19, 40-50 young people a day visited Youth Concern’s drop-in centre on Whitehill Lane, Aylesbury to play pool or table tennis, record music, collect a food parcel, seek advice, or chat to youth workers and counsellors.

While the drop-in centre remained open during COVID-19, young people need to pre-book 1:1 appointment with youth workers and counsellors, meeting in person or remotely. This significant change to the way young people accesses our services has caused the charity to think about building a ‘pipeline’; finding new ways to reach young people and build their trust so they feel able to request help from us should it be needed now or in the future.” 

We worked together to launch two 10-week programmes, one aimed at 16–25-year-old men, and one at 16–25-year-old women, by splitting the programme for men and women, we intended to attract young women who would not exercise with men and vice versa. We are also recognise the big difference between a 16-year-old female and a 25-year-old man in terms of strength and endurance.

The main goal of this project was to engage under active young people. Many after school/college/grassroots sports clubs have shut during second lockdown. The aim was to reach out to each individual and make them aware of the support available out there for them as well as create a positive space for them to engage, gain self-belief and stay active physically engaged mentally. 

This collaboration was a great choice as it helped youth concerns stay connected with youth in Aylesbury area and encourage them to continue seeking the support, they need using our program that is helping them to learn a great skill they can continue learning after lockdown too.

This group of youth are now preparing for white belt grading which is happening soon. Both Instructors are extremely proud and have confirmed that this group is showing great commitment and determination when training and learning. We are also witnessing great feedbacks in the WhatsApp groups between instructors and members.


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