Stay Active Children & Youth

Stay Active Children & Youth

This program’s aim was to motivate and engage the children and youth through second lockdown.

As the schools was at the time and many children and youth kept being send home due to all the regulations of isolation around COVID, the struggle with this age group has been more than usual they have had limited options of what they can do inside and outside the school.

Also, not many work opportunities to build their portfolio and feel they are achieving and putting in practice what they are learning at school. This did put a tremendous pressure on their relationships with parents/carers and is a time where they will feel so much pressure to understand how to deal with all the confusion and new rules. This brought a string of dangerous behaviours including mental health, isolation, lack of money and lack of external support.

This group has achieved the goal of staying connected and active by showing great commitment to classes, learning and preparing for grading.


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