Safari MMA Engage Inactive Youth (Leap)

The main goal of this project was to engage Youth 12–18-year-old who are under active. The aim was to give everyone the opportunity to develop a passion and gain self-belief, which would be a positive reflection in all that they do, and to feel that they are supported by a positive group of likeminded individuals. The course was delivered around the time of first lockdown this was the best free virtual opportunity for many youths to stay focused and feel connected.   

This program has helped this category to build new routine and learn vital self-defence techniques which allowed to grade for white and red belt online. 80% of youth has continued training after this program and became loyal members.

2 responses to “Safari MMA Engage Inactive Youth (Leap)”

  1. Qurat Haider says:

    Good morning,
    I am looking for a womens/girls only self defence class for my 11yr old girl.
    Will she be eligible for any of the classes in your organisation?
    I look forward to your reply.
    Kind regards
    Dr Haider

  2. Hello, thanks for your message. Apologies we didn’t see this, I hope you’ve already been in touch, if not then we can definitely get her booked in for a trial?

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