Starting Your Kickboxing Journey: 5 Key Benefits of Kickboxing

Kickboxing is perfect for you whether you want to boost your confidence, reduce stress or meet new people. Here at Safari Health Hub, we offer both women and men-only kickboxing classes for people of all levels providing the opportunity to learn and develop their self-defence skills and grow their confidence with other, like-minded people. 

Kickboxing was the brainchild of Osamu Noguchi, who wanted to combine the soul of karate with full striking ability. By the 1920s, Muay Thai was well known and was brought to the attention of Osamu, who merged Muay Thai with the entire contact techniques of karate and boxing and thus, kickboxing was created. Over a century later, kickboxing continues to remain a prominent martial arts sport across the globe. But why is kickboxing good for you, and how can martial arts improve your physical health and well-being? 

1. Physical Benefits of Kickboxing

The cardio benefits of kickboxing are crucial, as are the strength benefits. Kickboxing is widely regarded as one of the best full-body workouts that exist, this is because of the combination of cardio and strength training in one workout. Our kickboxing sessions burn roughly 750 calories per 40-minute session while strengthening your arm and leg muscles through striking techniques. This is the ideal workout for everyone looking to lose weight or build strength, regardless of any previous kickboxing experience.

2. Building Confidence with Kickboxing

Joining a class can be difficult and overwhelming, so we offer beginner women-only classes. Everyone starts at the same place with the same level of experience. We hope this will ease any anxious doubts while also helping you feel more relaxed and allowing you to work out to the best of your ability to experience all the benefits of kickboxing. 

As you progress through each class, your techniques will develop, helping you feel more confident in your physical ability and will leave you feeling great about yourself! You never know who you may inspire by attending these classes. 

3. Meeting People Through Kickboxing

As our classes involve a group of participants, you will have the opportunity to meet and get to know new people during your classes. Starting with like-minded people who are also at the start of their journey to help you feel more comfortable. With each class, you’ll get to know each other better as you spend more time together, allowing you to make new friends along your journey. This is an important benefit of kickboxing as it will help you feel a part of something bigger while you are growing and developing yourself. 

4. Mental Health Benefits

Exercise releases two chemicals known to improve our mental well-being: dopamine and serotonin. These can help your mood improve and reduce the chance of developing depression or experiencing a period of depression. Physical exercise also releases cortisol, which helps manage stress and anxiety. 

You can further reduce these with exercise as it gives you something to focus on, which helps manage intrusive and racing thoughts, providing a healthy coping mechanism. Being active can also help improve self-esteem by achieving goals you set and seeing progress. Training around other people

starting their journey can also hugely improve your mental health, offering an excellent opportunity for socialising!

5. Learning Self-defence

This is one of the most important benefits of kickboxing for women. Learning these valuable techniques helps with safety in a dangerous situation. Kickboxing for women is becoming popular as it provides great skills and knowledge for reacting in threatening and dangerous situations, helping you feel safer in your daily life. 

There are many benefits of kickboxing, some mental and some physical, all of them are worth experiencing, and they all have positive knock-on effects on your life. If you have been considering kickboxing, want to improve your physical and mental health or want to meet new people, now is the time to get in touch or come and give us a visit at Safari Health Hub.